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Need An Exercise Program That Matches Your Goals?

Formed Fitness Is Your Solution

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Strength Training Is Vital For Living An Exceptional Life

If you are looking to reduce body fat and gain confidence, our programs are for you

Find the goals that match your idealized outcome, decide which Tier best represents your current fitness level, and get to work

 All programs are backed by a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, so you can try any of our plans without concern

Goals of Each Strength Phase

City Running

Tier I

Phase 1: Gains

Focused on Progressive Overload

Phase 2: Horsepower

Focused on Strength in Big Lifts

Phase 3: Impact

Focused on Range of Motion

Running Shoes

Tier II

Phase 1: Progression

Focused on Muscle Symmetry

Phase 2: Power

Focused on Fatigue

Phase 3: Expansion

Focused on Eccentric Tempo

Strong Man

Tier III

Phase 1: Frame

Focused on Movement Patterns

Phase 2: Fuel

Focused on Mind-Body Connection

Phase 3: Growth

Focused on Increased Metabolism

Create Your Macrocycle

Tier I: Exercisers that have been consistent for 6 or more months 

  • Programs Include 4 Workouts per Week

Tier II: Exercisers that have been consistent for 3 to 6 months

  • Programs Include 3 Workouts per Week

Tier III: New/returning exercisers to 3 months of consistency

  • Programs Include 2 Workouts per Week

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

How it works:

  • The difficulty level is tiered for ease

  • Each tier has 3 programs: Strength, Endurance, & Bodyweight

  • Each program is made up of 3 - 6-week phases

  • Each phase has specific goals

  • You choose what goals match your needs

  • Design your own macrocycle (3 phases)

  • Decrease the likelihood of exercise plateaus 

Gain Access to Program PDF

Gain Access to Personal App

Gain Access to Exercise Videos

Strength Training Benefits

Improve Body Awareness

Increase Muscle Mass

Reduce Body Fat

Increase Metabolic Rate

Improve Cognitive Function

Slow Down the Aging Process

Buy A Tier III Phase Now!

  • Strength Tier III Phase 1: Frame

    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Improve Movement Patterns
    • Increase Muscular Capabilities
    • Start/Restart Your Weightlifting Journey
  • Strength Tier III Phase 2: Fuel

    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Focus on Improving Mind-Body Connection
    • Increase Muscle Fiber Recruitment
    • Lift More Weight
  • Strength Tier III Phase 3: Growth

    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Increase Metabolism
    • Gain Lean Muscle Mass
    • Lower Body Fat

Why Choose Us?

Formed Fitness' founder, Hunter, is an Army veteran who worked in special operations and spent time overseas. Additionally, Hunter is studying Kinesiology at Purdue University, is a National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer, and plans to become a dual-credited Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer. Hunter is the workout program designer and head coach for Formed Fitness, and is passionate about sports performance as well rehabilitation. You know that you'll get the best holistic approach to exercise possible when following his programs.


So, why choose us? We have met the workout struggles you may have and were able to overcome those barriers. We have enormous insight into exercise struggles and would like to help you conquer anything that comes your way. Follow our pages below to interact and gain information on relatable, usable topics.

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We'll Help Form You Back Into Active Duty Shape

Workout Programs Made By Veterans For Veterans

One of the main challenges that veterans face when leaving the military include developing a healthy relationship with fitness. We go from being told how we are going to workout (which is usually poorly programmed and not beneficial to our military members) to no guidance whatsoever. This can let veterans fall behind on their health that used to be so vital for unit readiness. Formed Fitness is committed to helping veterans and their families achieve their health goals through tailored programs and online fitness coaching. Our programs offer the following:

  • Programs are designed in 6-week phases - create your own exercise template based on the goals you are trying to achieve

  • Program difficulty levels range from beginner to advanced in our 3 tier system

  • Programs are goal-tailored for your ultimate results

  • All programs are $39.99

Next Steps


Review Program Designs


Choose Your Desired Type of Exercise


Select Your Tier Based on Experience


Purchase the Phases That Depict Your Goals


Act on Your Program & Adjust Plan as Needed

Dollar Bills

Strength Tier I: All Phases



Valid for 18 weeks

Receive $20 Off When You Buy The Bundle

Strength Tier III: All Phases



Valid for 18 weeks

Strength Tier II: All Phases



Valid for 18 weeks

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Our Other Program Designs

Plank Exercise


  • No Equipment Needed

  • No Gym Needed

  • Programs Consist of Cardio, Interval Training, and Bodyweight Exercises

All Exercise Program Goals

Gym Equipment


Formed Bodyweight Goals

Tier I: Becoming a Well-Rounded Athlete

Phase 1: Precision

Phase 2: Capacity

Phase 3: Balance

Tier II: Pushing the Limit

Phase 1: Agility

Phase 2: Resistance

Phase 3: Resilience

Tier III: Increase Confidence

Phase 1: Support

Phase 2: Condition

Phase 3: Confidence


Formed Strength Goals

Tier I: Increase Strength

Phase 1: Gains

Phase 2: Horsepower

Phase 3: Impact

Tier II: Hypertrophy

Phase 1: Progression

Phase 2: Power

Phase 3: Expansion

Tier III: Muscle Recruitment

Phase 1: Frame

Phase 2: Fuel

Phase 3: Growth


Formed Endurance Goals

Tier I: Preparation for Endurance Event

Phase 1: Determination

Phase 2: Exertion

Phase 3: Evolution

Tier II: Better Speed & Mentality

Phase 1: Tempo

Phase 2: Momentum

Phase 3: Resolution

Tier III: Increase Metabolism

Phase 1: Calibration

Phase 2: Coordination

Phase 3: Stamina

Need a Little More Guidance?

We Offer Online Fitness Coaching

Approximately 17 veterans commit suicide every day. Our goal is to decrease that number through the intervention of exercise. Through fitness coaching, we take struggling military-connected people and transform them into self-sufficient gym goers. Formed Fitness' mission is to create a healthier and inclusive environment for veterans and their family members.

Online Coaching is a new and exciting way to offer life-changing transformation and fitness coaching to clients. It can be utilized by anyone, anywhere, offering convenience, responsiveness, flexibility, and affordability. Best of all, we can empower our clients with more accountability and support than in-person personal training.

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