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Choose The Program That Matches Your Goals

  • Strength Tier I Phase 1: Gains

    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Overload Your Muscles
    • Gain Mass
    • Improve Muscle Tone
  • Strength Tier I Phase 2: Horsepower

    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Focus on Main Lifting Patterns
    • Increase Your Bench, Overhead Press, Squat and Deadlift
    • Become a Powerhouse
  • Strength Tier I Phase 3: Impact

    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Improve Range of Motion
    • Increase Extremity Awareness
    • Low Weight - High Rep with Focus on Movement

Gain Access to Program PDF

Gain Access to Personal App

Gain Access to Exercise Videos

Each Phase's Focus

Phase 1: Gains

Focused on Progressive Overload

Phase 2: Horsepower

Focused on Big Lifts

Phase 3: Impact

Focused on Range of Motion


Valid for 6 weeks


Valid for 6 weeks


Valid for 6 weeks


Improve Body Awareness

Increase Muscle Mass

Reduce Body Fat

Increase Metabolic Rate

Improve Cognitive Function

Slow Down the Aging Process

Strength Tier I: All Phases



Valid for 18 weeks

$20 Off When You Buy The Tier I Bundle

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