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Create Your Macrocycle

Tier I: Exercisers that have been consistent for 6 or more months 

  • Programs Include 4 Workouts per Week

Tier II: Exercisers that have been consistent for 3 to 6 months

  • Programs Include 3 Workouts per Week

Tier III: New/returning exercisers to 3 months of consistency

  • Programs Include 2 Workouts per Week

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

How it works:

  • The difficulty level is tiered for ease

  • Each tier has 3 programs: Strength, Endurance, & Bodyweight

  • Each program is made up of 3 - 6-week phases

  • Each phase has specific goals

  • You choose what goals match your needs

  • Design your own macrocycle (3 phases)

  • Decrease the likelihood of exercise plateaus 

Program Designs

Plank Exercise


  • No Equipment Needed

  • No Gym Needed

  • Programs Consist of Cardio, Interval Training, and Bodyweight Exercises

Exercise Benefits

Live a Better Quality of Life!

Improve Mood

Reduce Health Risks

Slow Down the Aging Process

Better Quality of Sleep

Improve Energy

Increase Cognitive Ability

Next Steps


Review Program Designs


Choose Your Desired Type of Exercise


Select Your Tier Based on Experience


Purchase the Phases That Depict Your Goals


Act on Your Program & Adjust Plan as Needed

Program Goals

Gym Equipment


Formed Bodyweight Goals

Tier I: Becoming a Well-Rounded Athlete

Phase 1: Precision

Phase 2: Capacity

Phase 3: Balance

Tier II: Pushing the Limit

Phase 1: Agility

Phase 2: Resistance

Phase 3: Resilience

Tier III: Increase Confidence

Phase 1: Support

Phase 2: Condition

Phase 3: Confidence


Formed Strength Goals

Tier I: Increase Strength

Phase 1: Gains

Phase 2: Horsepower

Phase 3: Impact

Tier II: Hypertrophy

Phase 1: Progression

Phase 2: Power

Phase 3: Expansion

Tier III: Muscle Recruitment

Phase 1: Frame

Phase 2: Fuel

Phase 3: Growth


Formed Endurance Goals

Tier I: Preparation for Endurance Event

Phase 1: Determination

Phase 2: Exertion

Phase 3: Evolution

Tier II: Better Speed & Mentality

Phase 1: Tempo

Phase 2: Momentum

Phase 3: Resolution

Tier III: Increase Metabolism

Phase 1: Calibration

Phase 2: Coordination

Phase 3: Stamina

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